Leadership Is Constant: 5.0

November 16, 2012 § Leave a comment

Last of a series taking a look at Robert Thomas’ book, Crucibles Of Leadership.

Learning is never just for the sake of learning. I think learning is about preparation. Preparation for what is coming next for you. For what is around the corner. For the leader, the one stepping out into murky, sometimes frightening and unpopular arenas, what we learn from a crucible can prepare us for the next one. And it can help us coach someone else through a similar crucible, which in turn, allows for us to learn by teaching.

On page 96, Thomas writes:

Understanding what motivates you–what influences the way you think and behave in the most fundamental ways–will make it easier for you to identify and exploit learning opportunities for yourself, particularly crucible experiences. Likewise, understanding how and when you learn best helps sustain your motivation to grow and learn as a leader.

So, learning and motivation are a linked pair. Understanding what motivates you to learn and the understanding how you learn best and when (in what environment) is critical, and, to get those answers, you must go deep. Once you are there, you become a changed person.

But you must go deep. It’s murky, frightening, and sometimes unpopular.

But you must go deep.


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