Why gratitude is uncommon

December 19, 2011 § Leave a comment

Uncommon because we are too focused on ourselves, instead of others, or we are simply unaware of what’s happening around us. Perhaps those are the same things. Can’t have one without the other.

I was in a meeting recently that was held in the weekend home of a friend of a friend. At meeting’s end, someone said, “I know this is old school, but could we have the address of the home owner to write them a ‘thank you?'” I was so glad the question was asked and terrified that somehow writing a thank you note is termed “old school.”

A brief map for expressing gratitude:

Good: A thank you expressed in an email (a good effort, not bad, provided people check their email)

Better: A thank you expressed in a text (easiest and quickest, more likely read and seen than email)

A hundred times more effective than text and email: A thank  you expressed in ink. On paper. (Most impressive, most memorable, most remarkable, and necessitates most time and energy from you)

In a sentence:

The absence of gratitude welcomes the disease of entitlement.


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