Leadership Is Constant in Crucibles 4.0

May 3, 2011 § Leave a comment

Continuing exploration of Robert Thomas’ book, Crucibles Of Leadership.

“Both as children and as adults, we learn to anticipate pain effectively only if someone first sits beside us while we learn to bear current anxiety.”

Crucibles should never be experienced alone.

We need the voice and touch and ears of another who can speak truth to us, who loves us and helps us navigate through  the crucible. The role of this person, however, is not to take the crucible from us. It’s our crucible, not theirs, and we have to take great caution to make sure we don’t give the crucible over to another.

A trusted friend, mentor, coach can serve as a rock for us during an otherwise dicey storm. Our responsibility to be completely transparent with this person about the crucible we are experiencing.

Don’t hold anything back and don’t attempt to self-preserve. If it’s truly the right person, one who accepts us unconditionally, there is no need to be anything but transparent.


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