Leadership Is Constant in Crucibles 3.0

April 26, 2011 § Leave a comment

Continuing exploration of Robert Thomas’ book, Crucibles Of Leadership. In the book, Thomas discusses traits of the leaders he interviewed for his research and found the majority to be what he calls,

“Ego-less leaders. They are constantly in search of new ideas and new ways of thinking about and solving perennial problems…these leaders refuse to let what they know get in the way of learning new things.”

It seems to me that these leaders are the type of people who refuse to blame others for their situation. They are not stubborn, but open-handed. Not high and mighty, but desiring to serve instead be served. Not loud and obnoxious to be noticed, but quietly wise. Not needing to always be upfront, but allowing others to lead.

These are leaders who recognize that, although they may have a lot of years of experience, their best learning and discovery yet awaits.



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