Leadership Is Constant in Crucibles 1.0

April 12, 2011 § Leave a comment

I will be exploring Robert Thomas’ book titled, Crucibles of Leadership, over the next several blogs. The book is an adventure in the role that crucible moments play in the growth of a leader. Thomas defines crucibles as being ” more like trials or tests that corner individuals and force them to answer questions about who they are and what is really important to them.” Its the experience of going through the crucible that provides the growth for the leader and moves them forward.

Leaders recognize these moments, however difficult they may be, as opportunities to learn as the leader intentionally leans into the situation knowing that on the other side awaits transformation. The leader who avoids the crucible, avoids the difficult, and is more likely to be drawn to safety will never know the impact the crucible could have on them as human beings, because, perhaps most importantly, the crucible isn’t really about us, it’s really about every person whom we come into contact and serve after having endured the crucible.

Crucibles will enable us to serve and love others in a deeper, more meaningful way. Safety does not have that power.


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