10 Truths About Leadership #1

March 22, 2011 § Leave a comment

This is the first of a series of three posts regrading Pete Luongo’s book 10 Truths About Leadership.

Pete Luongo is the retired President/CEO of the Berry Company in Dayton, OH. His book was published in 2007. Typically I’m not a real fan of small books or those touting the “6 most important things to your life” or “17 Most desirable traits of successful poeple” bla bla bla.

This one is different. It’s tone is real, and the authors voice, passion, and enthusiasm for his topic is evident. I am going to highlight excerpts from this book in the next three blogs:

Here goes…#1:

Leaders Need to Be More Like a Teacher than a Boss. By focusing on behavior, leaders create an environment in which candidness, courage, and caring about the organization become everyone’s responsibility. As leaders, we must help our people find within themselves the courage and clarity to lead others.

So, what challenge(s) does this present to you and your leadership?

What would those you lead say about you?


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