Ten Truths of Constant Leadership #’s 5-6

March 15, 2011 § Leave a comment

I am currently reading Jim Kouzes and Barry Posner’s new book, The Truth about Leadership. The book is beautiful in its simplicity, and has a razor focus as it outlines what the authors refer to as the Ten Truths About Leadership.

I am exploring two of those truths over the next five posts.

Today we look at #’s 5-6.

Number Five, is You Can’t Do It Alone.  This is a big one for those who believe they have to be everything to everyone. Face it, you aren’t good at everything, and there are others in the organization who do certain things much better than you. Find those people, let go of your ego, and empower them to serve.

Number 6, is Trust Rules. Can I trust you? Do your actions match your words? Do you readily apologize when you’ve messed up?

What are your micromanaging habits you need abandon? If you don’t address them, what signal are you sending to those you lead?

Think about how trust plays a role in how well you do with #5.


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