Ten Truths of Constant Leadership #’s 3-4

March 8, 2011 § Leave a comment

I am currently reading Jim Kouzes and Barry Posner’s new book, The Truth about Leadership. The book is beautiful in its simplicity, and has a razor focus as it outlines what the authors refer to as the Ten Truths About Leadership.

I am exploring two of those truths over the next five posts.

Today we look at #’s 3-4.

Number 3 is, Values Drive Commitment. People want to know what you value what you prioritize and why. Mostly, why? Why will your values make a difference in my life? They need to see a connection between your values and how they impact those of the organization.

Number 4, is Focusing on the Future Sets Leaders Apart. I have a friend who says, I need to be out looking ahead to the horizon, not so concerned with the deck chairs that are out of order. Leaders need to see around corners, anticipate what is next, trends, often relying on intuition. Help your people “see”.

In what ways do you need to re-think your values?

Why might you find yourself worried about the “deck chairs” instead of the horizon ahead?


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