Leadership Grows Constantly When You Learn From Others

November 2, 2010 § Leave a comment

“What does this have to do with me?”

I have asked that question, and that questions has been asked of me. Many times. I think it’s the wrong question. I think it’s a question expressing fear, condescension, and most deeply, “I know all I need to know.” How sad.

Ah, but that is only one way of looking at that question. It is the right question when it is asked from a heart of openness because it expresses a desire to grow, an admission that I don’t know everything, in fact I might be able to apply what I learn to become more effective at what I do, and most importantly serve someone else by sharing it with them.

Here’s an exercise: click this link and it’ll take you a List of Ten Things Leaders Do, as oultined by GE CEO, Jeff Immelt. Just because you may not be a CEO, or work in busness, or do anything remotely close to do it, doesn’t matter.

What matters is reading and asking yourself, What Does This Have to Do With Me?

Would love to hear from you about this exercise.


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