Initiating Is a Way To Grow Your Leadership

September 21, 2010 § Leave a comment

Too many of us wait.

We wait for the next phone call. Or the right email. Or the boos to talk to us. (“Can’t she tell I’m hurting?”). Or the next opportunity that will move us forward.

The problem with this behavior is that it is safe. It keeps us in one place. It allows for you to not be responsible for yourself and transfer that responsibility to someone else. That way it’s never your fault.

It’s self destructive and dysfunctional. Not to mention, sacrificing your greatest gift, which is freedom.

Instead, don’t wait on external things to magically fall into your lap. It won’t happen. Why not realize that you, and no one else, is responsible for you. When that happens, oh, man, it’s like a rocket blasting off, exploding with all the possibility in the world, because you have initiated, risked, put yourself on the line, and decided to do the things you were waiting on someone else to do for you.

Another great take on this topic addresses is on finding inspiration rather than waiting for it to find you. Don’t let today be another day of waiting.


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