Leadership is two words: Love and Serve

August 10, 2010 § 1 Comment

Leadership is constant.

It is never scheduled, i.e. “Today, from  2-4,  we will discuss leadership.” It’s who you are, or, who you should be.

I’m a parent of two amazing girls. I’m always a parent, it’s constant. When I’m at work, away from my kids while they are at school, I’m no less a parent than when I am home with them at night.

Another example is evaluation. Evaluation should not be scheduled. An annual evaluation, although sometimes helpful, doesn’t really tell us anything that we didn’t already know. As a leader, evaluation should also be ongoing. Parents don’t schedule a 360 with their kids, rather evaluation happens continually.

I believe the centerpiece of leadership is to Love and to Serve those who we journey with regardless of the endeavor.

For me, in ministry, I have the privilege of partnering with 40 staff scattered over Indiana and Kentucky. To Love an Serve can mean encouragement. It can mean whispering possibility of potential to someone who never considered it. It can mean the grace of purely listening to what they have to say. It can be empowering others to lead a meeting instead of me. It can mean giving another the gift of freedom. It can mean identifying dependent behavior and replacing it with a culture of autonomy. To Love and Serve can also be displayed by not avoiding a difficult, but necessary conversation with another. And to Love an Serve can also be exhibited by how I receive the words of another who is having that difficult conversation with me.

Love and Serve are not mutually exclusive. One cannot exist in its pure form absent of the other.

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§ One Response to Leadership is two words: Love and Serve

  • Curt Johnson says:

    Just found your blog! Very cool! Thanks again for loving and serving me last month. Write some more! This is good stuff!

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