A Challenge to THINK For One Hour Every Single Day

August 3, 2010 § Leave a comment

I believe that 98% of what we think is urgent, really isn’t.

Is it absolutely necessary to reply to that email now? To make that phone call? To re-do and re-do again and re-do again that proposal? Does changing the font from Helvetica to Arial really matter right now? And what is the cost of all this puffery while things that really matter aren’t being attended to?

Here’s a challenge…

Think for one hour every day.

  • Spend one hour ever day praying, dreaming,and thinking. Consider options. Ponder problems.
  • Write down ideas. Decide to take action on that certain something you’ve been putting off.
  • Find a place other than home or the office. Do this at a museum or art gallery, coffee shop, or public libray– the point is to go somewhere completely unfamiliar.

The leader that is constantly growing will rarely cop the line, “I’m just too busy.” We are all busy and none of us is too busy.

I hope this is energizing and challenging to you. Why not give it a shot? Let your mind and heart wander and give yourself permission to step away from your routine for a while to do something truly worthwhile... I guarantee great things will happen.

Please share with me what you discover…



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